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Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

  Two rows of customized extensions create length and FULLNESS! FINE HAIR PROBLEMS WITH EXTENSIONS One of the many conundrums with having fine hair is that some extensions can be too heavy to wear comfortably and safely. If the extensions are attached in a way that puts too much tension on natural hair, it can cause discomfort and possible hair loss. Adding in the weight of extensions is a consideration, as well. Whether it is the weight of the hair extensions themselves, or the weight of the attachment, i.e. keratin bonds, beads, tapes; too much weight will increase the pull on the natural hair and scalp.  A big issue for extensions on fine hair is slippage. How well the extensions STAY IN fine hair is almost as important as weight. Many women with fine hair have issues with hair ties and curls staying in their hair! Making sure added extensions and attachments stay put is vital! Another issue with fine hair and extensions is the ability for the the extensions to be well hidden. Prope

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